Chewing For Charity



Experience select restaurants who have crafted Instagram-worthy dishes to attract the modern tech-savvy diner. Portions of each dish sold are donated to a charitable cause using food to impact the community.

Jan 10 - 19th 2018




Chewing for Charity is a series about combining food and community good. Select restaurants craft unique and appealing dishes that attract the modern tech-savy diner and have portions of each dish sold be donated to a charitable cause. From January 10th - 19th, the first Chewing For Charity - themed Give Warmth - will feature 4 restaurants that have created dishes that revolved around the concept of "warmth" and "comfort." From each campaign dish sold, the participating restaurants will donate towards A Better Life Foundation and their community projects that support funding food supplies for children, mothers, and those on assisted living.

Buy a meal and in turn help A Better Life Foundation buy one for a child or mother in need of food. 

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A Better Life Foundation

Founded in 2012 by Mark Brand, A Better Life Foundation (ABLF) aims to empower those who are struggling with addictions and mental illness. By providing food security, education and employment training ABLF supports individuals, while strengthening the quality of community life in the Downtown Eastside.

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Participating Restaurants & Dishes

eight 1/2 Restaurant
Mount Pleasant
153 E 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T

Specialty Menu Item: Delicious Mussel Hearts
Fresh Salt Spring Island mussels in warm curry bisque with house naan.

Robba Da Matti
1127 Mainland St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5P2

Specialty Menu Item: A Pasta Saporita
Served with pancetta, porcini, sun-dried tomatoes and Gorgonzola cream.

La Mezcaleria
Gastown & Commercial Drive
68 E Cordova St & 1622 Commercial Dr

Specialty Menu Item: A Orange Blossom Crème Brûlée ice cream
Served with a roasted pumpkin seed wafer




Snap a photo of your favourite dish and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #ChewingForCharity (and tagging @tangooyvr + @[Restaurantname]) for a chance to win 2 tickets to the exclusive Greasy Spoon Diner supper series, featuring some of the best chefs in the Vancouver! 


We encourage you to check out all locations! Make it a three-course meal, share your experiences via Instagram with our exclusive hashtags #ChewingForCharity #GiveWarmth help us spread a little warmth to start the year off right with the #GiveWarmth campaign!

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Reserve Your Adventure

Ready to partake in Chewing For Charity? Great! We suggest making reservations at a participating restaurant to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Reserve at:

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